New Broadway Musical Promises Love, Betrayal, and Conspiracy from Ancient Egypt

Uncovering a forgotten time in Egyptian history, Akhenaten the Musical is a new Broadway show, and its producers are seeking crowdfunding.

NEW YORK—Three-thousand years ago, the Pharaoh of Egypt was all-powerful and feared by all, but when Amenhotep IV challenged the Egyptian priests and their hundreds of gods, he became the Pharaoh that time forgot. Now a Broadway show, Akhenaten the Musical tells the story of love, betrayal, and conspiracy, and the show’s producers are seeking crowdfunding to raise $10,000 in 45 days.

Based on the book by Hisham Abdel Khalek and Mohamed Metwally, Akhenaten the Musical features music by Hesham Nazih and lyrics by Mohamed Metwally and a creative Broadway team from Tony, Drama Desk and Olivier Awards winners and nominees. The musical boasts 22 songs, eight main characters, 20 ensemble players, an epic orchestra, and spectacularly authentic Egyptian costumes.

Akhenaten the Musical tells the story of Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, who changed his name to Akhenaten, and his wife Nefertiti who supports him as he replaces the many Egyptian gods with one god, Aten. Surrounded by envious priests and Akhenaten’s own jealous mother Queen Ti, Akhenaten idealizes a monotheistic Egypt and commissions the building of a new capital city to be erected in Aten’s honor. But, when the priests conspire to return to power, Akhenaten’s vision for Egypt is wiped out, along with his legacy.

Produced by H and O Productions LLC, Akhenaten the Musical was developed by a team of Tony, Drama Desk, and Oliver Awards nominees and winners to unveil the forgotten history of one of Egypt’s most striking Pharaohs—who happens to be the father of the famous King Tut—and the struggle for power that left the destinies of many shattered. This authentic and deeply relevant show will feature world-acclaimed Broadway artists and will open on Broadway and tour the US, London’s West End, Australia, Canada, and Europe.

Producers of Akhenaten the Musical have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the show during its development phase, and the supporters of the campaign will receive perks, such as a mention on the production’s web site, a signed digital postcard, a digital copy of five songs from the show, a cap with the show’s official logo, and a signed photo from an official reading of the script. Supporters with a $200 contribution will have the chance to attend an early reading in New York and an official show t-shirt. Those giving $300 will be invited to the final reading as well as a cocktail party after the reading. Top supporters contributing $500 will be invited to attend the final showcase when the show is privately performed for its investors. Top supporters will also be invited to the show’s after party.