Sneak peek of the first music sheet …

We are very enthusiastic about the music composed by Hisham Nazih for Akhenaten The Musical. Our next step on the road to the demo is to have the music sheet of the 4 songs we chose for this milestone. That’s precisely what Hisham Nazih is currently working on as he is finalising the last notes of “I was blind“, “Coronation“, “The Voice of Heaven” and “The Stones of Time” with the lyrics of Mohamed Metwally.

  • In the solo “I was blind” Akhenaten prays to his god Aten and expresses his faith for a better Egypt
  • In the epic song “Coronation“, the Egyptian people celebrates the crowning of their promising new leader
  • In “The Voice of Heaven“, the priest Maya reveals his true vision of religion as a means to reach his far too earthly and personal goals
  • Finally, the love duet “The Stones of Time” is tribute to the everlasting love between Akhenaten and Nefertiti