N’Kenge and Seph Stanek will star in the first 2 music videos

Broadway favorite N’Kenge (Motown the Musical, Sondheim on Sondheim) and Seph Stanek (Naked Boys Singing) along with the producers and creative team will be present at the invitation only Launch Party held at the Players Club on Friday May 29th at 4:30PM.

The first music video, “O my Son”, features N’Kenge and her baby daughter Jahzara Martina Pacurar, Actors Jason Vendryes, Stephanie Jill Chernick (Miss New York United States 2013) with make-up by Brandalyn Fulton, hair by Dre Brown and stylist Andrew Clay. The music video is a modern adaptation of the song from the musical where Queen Ti (N’Kenge) gets increasingly concerned about the decisions of her cherished son Akhenaten who seems to get totally lost in his obsession with the God Aten. The video, shot in Manhattan and New Jersey, shows a mother worried for her son and his bad marital decisions.

The second music video, “Dark future”, features Seph Stanek and Joe Dulude II with dancers Andres Acosta, Daniel Lynn Evans and Christopher Trepinski with choreography by Alessandro Pellicani and costumes designed by Carmen Marc Valvo. While in the musical the song features the Scribe, concerned about the direction his country is heading under the rule of an increasingly uncontrollable Akhenaten the pharaoh, the music video shows him in today’s world concerned with the wars and destructions of the past century.


Both videos are directed by Hisham Abdel Khalek with a cinematography by Lukasz Pruchnik, make-up by Joe Dulude II, edited by Elliot Storey and produced by Olivier Delesse and Saad Bin Mohammed. The musical tells the story of the pharaoh AKHENATEN and of his wife NEFERTITI. It centers on how AKHENATEN challenged the almighty power of the priests of Ancient Egypt by imposing a single god over their many gods, creating the first monotheist religion ever. However, this historical move will unleash an epic struggle for power to restore the old gods and to replace AKHENATEN with his son TUTANKHAMUN as the leader of Egypt. Akhenaten the Musical is created and directed by Hisham Abdel Khalek, with a book by Hisham Abdel Khalek and Mohamed Metwally (Lyrics) and music by Hesham Nazih.

The presentation will take place Friday May 29, 2015 at 4:30PM at: The Players Club 16 Gramercy Park South New York, NY 10003