The Story

The story is about how the pharaoh AKHENATEN and his wife NEFERTITI challenged the almighty power of the priests by imposing for the first time a single God over their many gods. But the struggle for power will leave many destinies shattered.

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More than 3000 years ago, Amenhotep IV was the pharaoh ruling Egypt. He loved his wife NEFERTITI more than anything else and even against the will of his own mother, the jealous QUEEN TI. As a pharaoh, he had to fight against the overwhelming powers of the Priests who were worshipping hundreds of Gods and AMOUN above all of them. Supported by the unconditional love of NEFERTITI, he decided to replace all the Gods by one : ATEN. He changed his name from Amenhotep IV to AKHENATEN, and directed all the resources of the country into the building of the city of AKHETATEN, the new capital of Egypt erected in ATEN's dedication. But with all the workers and farmers busy with offering presents and monuments to ATEN, riots erupted in the population, and Hittites were about to seize the opportunity to invade Egypt. Warned by Maha that the priests of AMOUN were conspiring against him, AKHENATEN stayed blindfolded in his idealism. Worried for Egypt's integrity, Army general HUR-MOHB stroke an alliance with MAYA, the Higher Priest of AMOUN to restore their Gods, depose AKHENATEN and put TUTANKHAMOUN, the pharaoh's son on the throne. To discourage the establishment of a single God to ever again threaten the power of the priests, and to wipe out AKHENATEN's legacy, the names of ATEN and AKHENATEN were erased from every single stone in Egypt. Read more

Christina DeCicco



Queen Ti

Tony LaPage


Seph Stanek

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