The music keeps rolling…

Hesham Nazih just finished composing the music for the first 3 songs of Akhenaten the musical, “You are in Egypt” and “Coronation” set a cinematographic and epic tone that matches the pharaonic scale of the story and sets the spirit of the musical. The score has a very modern twist to let the audience of today share the sense of joy and optimism that both scenes illustrate. “The Stones of Time” introduces the love story between Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti.

Hesham is currently working on the music for the next songs. They will be recorded in New York City with the actors of the musical during our next visit to the Big Apple in January 2014 to start the promotion of Akhenaten the musical.

Hesham Nazih is an award winning Egyptian music composer and one of the most talented and famous composers in the Middle East. He composed music for Egyptian and Arabic blockbusters and TV series. His repertoire includes works like: Ibrahim Labyad, Tito, Sleepless Nights, Closed Doors, X Large, Hysteria, The Magician, The University, The closed doors, among others.