Press Release #1

So Freakantastik, a French production and distribution company, is developing its first musical to be toured in the US and Europe : “Akhenaten the musical”. It tells the story of the great pharaoh Akhenaten who fought with the support of his beautiful queen Nefertiti against the almighty power of the priests to create the first monotheist religion on Earth.

The musical illustrates the struggle of the religious elite for power and of the powerful elite to use religion as a tool to reinforce their rule over the people. This twin struggle still permeates our world today and the rise of the islamist fundamentalists after the Arab Spring is another illustration of how religion can be misused for the sake of consolidating power.

We chose to use Egyptian artists for the music and the book to better illustrate the authentic richness of the period, never seen before in a musical. Hesham Nazih is one of the most talented and prolific music composer in the Middle East and Mohamed Metwally is a rising talent, co-author with Hisham Abdel Khalek. Costumes will be designed by Giovanni Gobbi, an Italian designer specialized in period costumes for opera and theater. They will be made in Egypt to respect the rich authenticity of the grand pharaonic history.

Our graphics designer Samir Moustafa just finished the creation of the official logo of the musical …

So Freakantastik’s producers Olivier Delesse and Hisham Abdel Khalek are negotiating with American artists, Tony nominees and winners to join the creative team and with American co-producers.